What textbook should I use after completing Integrated Chinese?

There are a variety of textbook options available to those who have completed all four volumes of Integrated Chinese. Taiwan Today builds upon the groundwork laid by Integrated Chinese in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing, while also exposing intermediate learners to contemporary Taiwanese culture. Beyond the Basics emphasizes spoken language by encouraging serious dialogue on thought-provoking topics such as crime, childhood, and poverty. Designed for advanced-low learners, Reading Into a New China builds advanced-level reading and writing proficiency through comprehensive texts about China’s rich and rapidly changing sociocultural landscape.

For those students considering studying in China, the authentic materials and task-based activities in Crossing Paths can help students make the most out of their semester(s) abroad. Crossing Paths may be followed up with Shifting Tides, which presents intermediate learners with the cultural context that will enable them to better understand and communicate with Chinese people.