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What are the major differences in the new edition?

For your convenience, we have created an Integrated Chinese 4th Edition Sampler that covers the updates to the series in greater depth. You can download a PDF copy of the sampler or request a Web App copy and free book trial on the ChengTsui Web App™ here.


  • New contemporary layout adds clarity and rigor to instructional design
  • New recurring supplementary modules in each lesson
    • Get Real with Chinese uses realia to situate language learning in a real-life context
    • Chinese Chat provides opportunities for language practice with realistic digital scenarios
    • Characterize It! encourages students to approach the learning of characters analytically
    • A Way with Words (Vol. 3 and 4) helps students build strategies for interpreting new words
    • Revamped How About You? modules encourage students to learn words and phrases that relate to their own interests and background
  • Grammar section includes new exercises consolidating newly learned grammar forms (Vol. 1 and 2)
  • Language Practice emphasizes interpersonal, interpretive, and presentational nature of activities
  • New Compare & Contrast activities in the enhanced Cultural Literacy section promote students’ awareness of cultural diversity
  • New Lesson Wrap-Up section contains context-based wrap-up projects, including new Keep It Flowing segment (Vol. 3 and 4)
  • Traditional characters have been updated to match the standard set currently used in Taiwan
  • Audio available as a complimentary download at


  • New pinyin and tone exercises
  • New lesson opener checklists for students to track their learning
  • Cumulative review units test student progress after every five lessons
  • Audio available as a complimentary download at

Character Workbook

  • Traditional characters have been updated to match the standard set currently used in Taiwan

The ChengTsui Web App

All components of the IC series are now available as a fully integrated digital product on the ChengTsui Web App. Users can access additional digital content exclusive to the Web App, including videos, vocabulary flashcards, and extra Characterize It! and Lesson Wrap-Up projects. You can sign up for a trial of Integrated Chinese on the Web App here.