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    Product Registration Help

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General Questions/Ordering Questions 

My Login to your web site is not working:

Cheng & Tsui has recently revamped out online store, but that does mean that our store is at a different url from our main web page and will have separate log in credentials. In addition, the digital versions of our textbook are on Make sure you’re using the correct link for what you are trying to access.

How long will it take me to get my books when I place an order? 

Typical delivery time by UPS will be between 4-8 business days, but when you go through the checkout process in our online store, you will be given a list of shipping options. You will see both the price and estimated delivery time for your address and will be able to make an educated decision based on these factors. Note that the shipping times are estimates only, not guaranteed. Once the shipment is handed over to the carrier Cheng & Tsui has no control over any delays that may occur. 


How will I get my digital items, how long will it take?

Orders for digital items will be fulfilled immediately. You will receive an email upon completion of your order which will include an access code that you will be able to redeem on to activate your digital subscription. 


How do I get the free audio that comes with my book? 

Many of the books that we publish come with free audio downloads. These downloads may be accessed by going to Find your book/series on the page and click on the link. You will just need to complete a brief form which includes a verification question, just to show that you have a copy of the book. Once you submit the form, you will get a link to download the audio. Note that a couple of the links will bring you to a companion web site for that series and you will need to register on that companion site, but the information that you will be asked for is similar. If you have already registered at, you will need to use the same username/email/password combination on the companion site.


How do I place my order?

Individuals looking to buy something for their own use should click the Store button on our home page to get to our product catalog. From there you can search for items and add them to your cart, and then proceed to checkout. Cheng & Tsui is also asking schools and bookstores to use the online ordering portal as well. Customers using school and bookstore accounts will be exempt from sales tax (when applicable) and have the option during checkout to choose to use a purchase order number and be invoiced. If you aren’t sure if your school or bookstore has an account set up, please contact customer service.  


If a book is showing as out of stock, how long will it take to come back in?

Cheng & Tsui does its best to keep all of our books in stock and try to anticipate customer demand, but sometimes we may get a large order that we did not predict and we well out before a reprint or restocking order arrives. Most of the time a book that runs out is usually back within 1-2 weeks. But occasionally there may be times where it might take longer. Because we accept payment up front when you place your order, we don’t want to take payment for something that we are unable to ship right away. If something is showing as out of stock, please check back in a few days. 


What is Teacher Verification?

Several of our products are intended to help teachers use our textbooks in a classroom setting. Because our textbooks are used in schools and colleges all over the US and the world, we can only provide these Teacher Handbooks, Teacher Subscriptions or Teacher Resource Files to purchasers who are teachers or school administrators buying on behalf of a teacher. Orders for these items will automatically go on a hold status until a Cheng & Tsui customer service representative can verify that the buyer is a teacher and release the order. This may delay the order by a few hours, or until the next business day if placed outside regular business hours. Any links to teacher subscriptions or downloads that you may receive in the meantime will not be active until the order is verified and released.

Independent learners may not purchase teacher resources. We recommend that independent learners who want to be able to check their work purchase digital student subscriptions for FluencyLink. 


Can I Return My Purchase?

Cheng & Tsui allows returns of merchandise by individual buyers within 30 days of purchase for books. Digital subscriptions may be cancelled within 14 days of purchase. 

Books may be returned to:
Cheng & Tsui

℅ PSSC Returns Dept. 

46 Development Rd.

Fitchburg MA 01420

Customers will be refunded for the books and any applicable sales tax once they are received back. Shipping charges will not be refunded. 

Customers wishing to cancel a digital subscription should contact Customer Service at

Bookstores wanting to make an overstock return must contact Customer Service first at that same email address for a return authorization number before sending anything back. Bookstore returns made without an authorization number will be refused. 


Questions About Cheng & Tsui’s Digital Products 


What’s the difference between an ebook and FluencyLink? 

Cheng & Tsui offers online ebooks for many of our titles These are subscription based and will be a digital version of the book, in many cases with audio included as hot spots in the book. For Integrated Chinese, Adventures in Japanese, and Go Far with Chinese, we also offer a fully digital package on our FluencyLink platform. A student version will include an ebook of the textbook, an ebook of the workbook and interactive assessments. There is also a teacher version which has all of these plus teacher resources and the ability to create classes for your students and have them do their assignments through the app. For more information on FluencyLink, see our help page here:


How do I access the digital subscription I ordered?

When you complete your order, you should received an email with the subject line ”FluencyLink Access Codes for Order (X)” within a couple of minutes after ordering with an access code and instructions on how to redeem it. Note that even if you are ordering just an ebook and not the full FluencyLink Student or Teacher subscription, it is hosted on the same digital platform. Access keys for Teacher subscriptions may take a little longer to receive, as the order will need to go through a verification process first (See “What Is Teacher Verification?” above) 

For additional assistance, please contact and reference your order number. 


I have seen references to the Cheng & Tsui WebApp. What is that? 

The Cheng & Tsui WebApp was our older platform for accessing our textbooks digitally. It has been discontinued and replaced by FluencyLink. Users wlll have the same or more functionality on FluencyLink as they did on the WebApp. Customers who had active subscriptions on the WebApp when it was discontinued would have had their subscriptions migrated to FluencyLink.


Integrated Chinese


Is the 3rd edition of Integrated Chinese out of print? 

Yes. Cheng & Tsui declared the 3rd edition of Integrated Chinese out of print at the end of 2022 and we recommend that all customers use the 4th edtion. We will continue to sell copies of the 3rd edition books to customers who want that edition specifically as long as supplies last, but we will not be reprinting any 3rd edition books once they sell out, and they will be removed from our product catalog on our web store once stock is gone. 


How do the four volumes in Integrated Chinese 4th edition correspond to the third edition books? 

The four-volume series has been renamed to better reflect the flexibility of the materials and diversity of our user groups and their instructional environments. Volumes 1 and 2 correspond to Level 1 Parts 1 and 2 in the 3rd Edition, and Volumes 3 and 4 correspond to Level 2 Parts 1 and 2. In recognition of the fact that Volumes 1 and 2 are often used together in the first year of language instruction, and Volumes 3 and 4 in the second, the sequencing of lessons from 1 to 20 in each half of the series has been retained.

Although much of the core content remains largely unchanged in the 4th Edition, considerable attention was paid to adding fresh and engaging features and language learning devices. Additionally, based on user feedback, some of the lessons in Volumes 3 and 4 were condensed and the number of new words reduced to facilitate classroom instruction.

If I have completed all four volumes of Integrated Chinese what should I use next? Expressive Chinese is ideal for learners who have completed Integrated Chinese Volume 4 or the equivalent of two years of college-level study. 

Go Far with Chinese

How do Level 1A and 1B work?

Go Far with Chinese Volume 1 would most likely be used for one school year at a high school level. Not all schools may be able to complete the book in one year, especially if students start learning Chinese in middle school. For these situations, the material in volume 1 is also offered in two parts, letting teachers use volume 1A the first year and volume 1B the second year. The material covered in volumes 1A and 1B is the same as what is in volume 1 with the exception of a review unit at the beginning of volume 1B that can be used to refresh the students’ memories of what they learned in 1A after coming back from summer break before starting new material. 

What is the “articulated path” referenced in Go Far with Chinese? 

Go Far with Chinese is a three-volume series, but if students are studying Chinese for all four years of high school, and especially if they started in middle school, they may complete the three volumes before they complete high school. Cheng & Tsui designed Go Far with Chinese so that students who completed volume 3 of Go Far would be able to move seamlessly to Integrated Chinese Volume 3, and can use volumes 3 and 4 to complete their studies.