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The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China

Primary Source Lessons for Teachers and Students
1st Edition
by Primary Source Inc.

Both an illustrated teacher's guide and a textbook, The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China: Primary Source Lessons for Teachers and Students offers teachers and students a treasure trove of resources. Authored by the curriculum specialists at Primary Source, Inc., the book and CD-ROM combine thoughtful lessons with vivid, authentic materials that create opportunities for students to form their own understanding of Chinese culture and artifacts.

The lessons in The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China are organized in a modular way so teachers have the flexibility to select the order in which they teach an entire course. Schools without a course dedicated to Chinese culture may choose one or more chapters as China segments within their existing world studies course. The Enduring Legacy of Ancient China pairs perfectly with China Since 1644.



What an amazing accomplishment...It's really user-friendly and puts so much information right at the teacher's fingertips...There are some wonderfully engaging activities that I think kids would really get into.

— Karen DeRusha, retired teacher, Newton Public Schools

The exceptional activities in Enduring Legacy promote critical thinking, co-operative learning, and engage multiple intelligences. As a fourth grade teacher, I found activities appropriate or adaptable for upper elementary levels. The primary sources provided on the CD save valuable teacher time and support student proclivity for interaction with technology for research.

— Elsie Wu, Andover Public Schools, Andover, MA