Obento 5th Edition

5th Edition
by Sue Xouris, Kyoko Kusumoto, Ayako Lyons, Jean Swinyard, Naoko Nishikawa, Peter Williams, Anne Fisher, Jacqueline Brown

The brand new fifth edition of Obento retains many of the much-loved features of the previous editions, with new and improved ones to meet the needs of current high school students and teachers. The textbooks offer greater support for the acquisition of Japanese script, streamlined and high-caliber digital content, and a more cohesive series.

  • Improved and updated content
  • A strong emphasis on cultural and intercultural teaching and learning, carefully integrated within a communicative approach
  • Activities designed for a range of different learning styles and abilities
  • A variety of engaging print and digital resources such as slideshow presentations, videos, and audio recordings by native Japanese speakers
About the Author(s)

Sue Xouris has vast experience in teaching, writing and presenting Japanese language learning material. Sue also authored the Obento Snack Pack series. Sue is a teacher at St Joseph’s College, NSW, Australia.

Kyoko Kusumoto has experience in teaching all age levels K–12 and is teaching at Santa Sabina College, NSW, Australia. Kyoko has extensive experience as an HSC senior marker and judge, and is a qualified NATTI translator.

Ayako Lyons teaches Japanese at Bentleigh Secondary College, VIC, Australia, where she is head of languages. She has previously worked at independent and government schools, and is an experienced VCE examiner.

Jean Swinyard previously taught at Kirawee High School, NSW, Australia. She has extensive experience in developing curricula and teaching and learning resources, and has practiced teacher training as a methodology lecturer at the Japan Foundation and various universities.

Naoko Nishikawa has extensive teaching experience in primary and secondary classrooms at government and independent Victorian schools. She co-wrote and validated the Australian Curriculum: F–10 Japanese and has developed many digital resources for Japanese. Naoko teaches at Haileybury College, VIC, Australia.

Peter Williams enjoyed an extensive teaching career before he joined the Western Australian School Curriculum and Standards Authority (2006–2016) where he managed standards development across P–12.

Anne Fisher has taught Japanese for many years and later worked on the development of languages curriculum at state and national levels. She has also contributed to Asia specific aspects of the Australian Curriculum.

Jacqueline Brown has held leadership positions in Japanese at several independent schools in Victoria, Australia. She has taught primary and secondary students of Japanese including VCE and IB.