Huanying Volume 1 Part 1 Teacher's Book (Online Textbook)

Huanying Volume 1 Part 1 Teacher's Book (Online Textbook)

An Invitation to Chinese
1st Edition
by Lanting Xu, Jiaying Howard

If you're like most teachers, you're faced with the challenge of finding teaching materials that engage students, enrich their learning experience, and meet content standards—without spending hours creating your own activities for every lesson. The authors of Huanying recognize this need, and have responded with a bilingual Teacher's Book that contains all the essential resources needed to teach the Huanying course effectively.

An indispensable teaching guide, the book starts with sample lesson plans, a Scope & Sequence chart, a detailed explanation of Huanying's pedagogical approach and how to apply it, and tips on incorporating the 5 C's into classroom teaching. The main portion of the book is based on the creatively designed and carefully crafted student workbook, and features:

  • Copies of all student workbook activities with answer keys
  • Side notes that correspond to specific activities and suggestions on how to facilitate a learner-centered classroom using a variety of teaching methods
  • Transcripts of the Huanying Workbook Volume 1, Part 1 listening passages
  • An appendix of ready-to-use quizzes and unit tests (including teacher versions with answer keys)

Following the structure of the Huanying student workbooks, the Volume 1 Teacher's Books are divided into two parts, one for each semester. Volume 1, Part 1 covers the first semester of study. This book is in simplified Chinese characters and English.   


Cheng & Tsui
Publication Date: 
Friday, June 25, 2021
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Table of Contents
  • 《欢迎》课程一览 Scope & Sequence
  • 如何使用《欢迎》教学 Teaching with Huanying Volume 1
  • 《欢迎》课程进度与设计范例 Pacing and Lesson Planning
  • 课堂教学用具建议 Recommended Teaching Materials
  • 华语世界 The Chinese-Speaking World
  • 汉语拼音教学建议 Suggestions for Teaching Hanyu Pinyin
  • 《欢迎》练习册教学建议 Using the Huanying Workbook Activities
  • Unit 1 同学们和我 My Classmates and I
    • 1.1 汉语拼音简介 A Brief Introduction to Chinese Pinyin
    • 1.2 丁老师 Our Teacher
    • 1.3 大卫 David
    • 1.4 自我介绍 Introducing Myself
    • 1.5 电话和电子邮件 Telephone and Email
    • 1.6 第一单元复习 Review of Unit 1
  • Unit 2 我的家 My Family
    • 2.1 我家有五个人 There Are Five People in My Family
    • 2.2 爸爸妈妈 Dad and Mom
    • 2.3 兄弟姐妹 Siblings
    • 2.4 家庭地址 Home Address
    • 2.5 你是哪国人? What Is Your Nationality?
    • 2.6 第二单元复习 Review of Unit 2
  • Unit 3 时间、日期 Time and Dates
    • 3.1 我的生日 My Birthday
    • 3.2 现在几点? What Time Is It?
    • 3.3 我的一天 My Daily Routine
    • 3.4 我的课 My Classes
    • 3.5 我的周末 My Weekend
    • 3.6 第三单元复习 Review of Unit 3
  • 附录:单元测验及考试 Appendix: Unit Quizzes and Tests
About the Series

Huanying, Cheng & Tsui’s Chinese curriculum designed for secondary schools, was developed in accordance with ACTFL National Standards to meet the growing need for high-school materials. Set in an international school in Shanghai, Huanying's storyline follows the lives of a diverse group of students, both at school and at home to embed extensive language practice in a meaningful context. Huanying engages students in interactive and integrated language practice through fun and meaningful activities, contemporary topics that appeal to secondary school students, a full-color textbook design, and additional resources that will reduce teacher preparation time and allow teachers to focus on teaching.  The four-volume series covers four years of instruction at the secondary school level, and is perfect for pre-AP* and AP* Preparation.

Huanying is organized around topics that are essential to everyday communication, such as greetings, family, common items, dates and times, transportation, food and drink, and school. Volumes 1 and 2 each contain six units; Volumes 3 and 4 have four units. Each unit has five new lessons and one review lesson. Volumes 1 and 2 introduce approximately 500 essential vocabulary terms each, while Volume 3 introduces over 400 words. In addition, Volume 1 includes about 150 supplementary words and Volume 2 includes about 300 supplementary words. Volumes 3 and 4 have around 200 supplementary words each. Huanying’s simple, yet systematic, language notes introduce students to accurate and natural use of the language. Activities in the corresponding Huanying workbooks are skill-integrated, meaning nearly all exercises involve two or more language skills; this structure mirrors real-life usage and helps improve students’ overall language proficiency.

 Huanying contains the perfect mix of ingredients to ensure that the students’ learning experience is continuously intertwined with the “5-Cs” of foreign language learning—communication, culture, connections, comparisons, and communities—as established by the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning. The Huanying series contains a wealth of cultural information, exposing students to modern Chinese life while giving them an important grounding in Chinese idioms, legends, and traditions. By starting with a communicative approach and combining it with carefully crafted activities that embed repetitive language practice in a meaningful context, the authors of Huanying have created a practical and fun learner-centered experience for secondary school students.