Adventures in Japanese, Volume 2, Textbook (Hardcover)

Adventures in Japanese, Volume 2, Textbook (Hardcover)

4th Edition

The Adventures in Japanese Volume 2 textbook builds on the integrated development of the four language skills developed in Volume 1. Now in full color, this ACTFL standards-aligned curriculum includes more new features that will better prepare students for a rigorous foundation of Japanese learning:

  • More Kanji: Advance your students’ knowledge with 102 new Kanji characters in Adventures in Japanese Volume 2. Through two years of study with the series, students will acquire 162 kanji in total.
  • Longer Dialogues in Manga Style: Motivate learners with the 2 to 5-page lesson-opening dialogues in full-color manga format. The complete dialogue text presented in this format provides an intriguing introduction to the language focus of each unit.
  • Better Recycling: Solidify the grammar and vocabulary taught in Volume 1 with the Preliminary Lesson and Let’s Review pages included Volume 2. This integration reinforces language acquisition and allows students to learn at their own pace.
  • Practice at Point of Instruction: Reinforce newly presented grammar through accompanying practice exercises to confirm learning before moving on in the lesson.
  • Authentic Readings: Encourage learners to use Japanese in a natural context. Volume 2 includes more authentic readings such as blog posts, printed advertisements, receipts, and menus that put learning into a meaningful context. The corresponding exercises emphasize on how the language is used in real-life Japan.


Cheng & Tsui
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8.5 x 11
Full Color Illustrations
About the Series

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Explore the rich world of Japanese language and culture with the perenially best-selling textbook series Adventures in Japanese, now updated in the 4th Edition for today's classrooms. The three-volume series gives novice students a strong command of Japanese through targeted emphasis on the four language skills, while sustaining their interest with full-color manga dialogues and fun activities and projects.

With dialogues that follow a cast of American high school students as they learn Japanese, the lessons in all three volumes draw from topics that are appealing and relevant to teenagers. Volumes 1 & 2 deal with different themes of daily life, such as school, shopping, family, and hobbies, while Volume 3 has a more global and socially minded focus.

A rich variety of communicative activities gauge students’ comprehension and allow them to apply new skills immediately. Pair and group activities encourage interpersonal communication, and authentic reading exercises are presented in real-life, relevant contexts. Activities are aligned with the ACTFL World-Readiness Standards (5Cs), Common Core, and 21st Century Skills. Extensive hiragana, katakana, and kanji practice early on ensures students know how to write correctly using all three Japanese writing systems.

Culture Notes sprinkled throughout the texbook provide insights into the nuances of contemporary Japanese culture. At the end of each lesson, there is also a review section along with either a Project Corner, which could have students making origami or cooking Japanese rice cakes, or a Japanese Culture section that encourages students to research topics like Japanese New Year or the cost of living in Japan, keeping classroom instruction lively and fun. 

Companion Website

The student resources hosted on the companion website include textbook and workbook audio, flashcards, vocabulary lists, and additional review lessons and project corners. The teacher resources include audio for the tests, professional development materials, additional activities, and scope and sequence and correlations.