Startup Business Chinese, Level 2, Textbook & Workbook

Startup Business Chinese, Level 2, Textbook & Workbook

An Intermediate Course for Professionals
by Dr. Jane C. M. Kuo

Startup Business Chinese Level 2 builds on the basic daily Chinese communication skills taught in Level 1 to prepare learners for successful communication in a wide range of professional and social interactions. Designed for learners who have studied approximately one year of Chinese, Level 2 introduces intermediate-level vocabulary and grammar structures while seamlessly incorporating essential cultural background and social courtesies. 

Perfect for business majors, adult learners of Chinese, or business professionals relocating to China, Startup Business Chinese builds a solid grammar foundation at the same time as it explores business life abroad.


  • Pinyin is included throughout for learners who want to focus on the spoken language.
  • Situational dialogues introduce typical business and personal scenarios one is likely to encounter abroad.
  • Supplementary listening comprehension dialogues and practice exercises build communicative competence.
  • Cultural notes present contemporary Chinese social customs relevant to doing business in China.
  • Free audio downloads for pronunciation and listening comprehension practice.


Cheng & Tsui
Trim Size: 
8.5 x 11
Table of Contents
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgements
  • List of Abbreviations
  • Lesson 1: 调职 Relocating to a New Post
  • Lesson 2: 确认行程 Confirming a Travel Itinerary
  • Lesson 3: 飞往广州 On the Flight to Guangzhou
  • Lesson 4: 接机 Arrival Greetings
  • Lesson 5: 报到 Reporting for Work
  • Lesson 6: 办公室布置 Office Arrangements
  • Lesson 7: 小区环境 Residential Surroundings
  • Lesson 8: 租房子 Renting an Apartment
  • Lesson 9: 公司订报刊 Media and Publications at the Office
  • Lesson 10: 在线聊天 Online Chatting
  • Lesson 11: 找国际学校 Finding an International School
  • Lesson 12: 看病 Seeing a Doctor
  • Appendices
    • English Translations of the Dialogues
    • Business and Management Titles
    • Additional Listening Comprehension Exercises
    • Chinese-English Glossary
    • English-Chinese Glossary
    • Index of Sentence Patterns

Startup Business Chinese Level 1 gave me a strong foundation in Chinese language and business culture. I am confident that Level 2 will further develop my communicative skills and help me to do business in China.

— Shigeya Kato, Chairman, Showa Shell Sekiyu K. K., Japan
About the Series

In today's highly competitive Chinese market, knowing the language and culture can mean the difference between success and failure for foreign business ventures. Designed for learners with no prior background in Chinese, Startup Business Chinese provides a strong foundation in all four language skill areas, with special emphasis on interpersonal communication skills. In addition, cultural notes throughout the series impart knowledge of Chinese social customs and business practices essential to communicating effectively in Chinese business environments.

Situational dialogues using workplace-specific vocabulary and expressions help learners feel comfortable interacting with Chinese colleagues, employees, and clients right away. Over the three-volume series, learners follow a foreign executive as he conducts a business trip to Beijing, relocates to southern China, and adjusts to life there. By Level 3, the executive and learners alike are ready to start conducting real business in Chinese, like writing memos, negotiating prices, and managing sales distribution!

Free audio downloads corresponding to all three volumes provide learners with a yardstick for pronunciation and intonation. All dialogues are presented in characters and pinyin to allow users to concentrate on their personal goals for language learning, making Startup Business Chinese a flexible resource for professionals, business majors, and anyone interested in doing business in or with China.

Level 1 is in simplified characters only, while Levels 2 & 3 include traditional characters in the textbooks' vocabulary lists.


About the Author(s)

Professor Jane C. M. Kuo is the former director of the Chinese language program at the University of California San Diego, and Professor Emeritus of Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. During her tenure at ASU, she developed a business-focused Chinese language curriculum and directed Thunderbird’s summer program for MBA students in China, as well as winter programs to Taiwan and Singapore. Over the years, she also conducted numerous seminars on business-specific Chinese language and cross-cultural communication skills for Fortune 500 executives.

Dr. Kuo is widely recognized as a pioneer of business Chinese instruction and has authored the best-selling Open for Business: Lessons in Chinese Commerce for the New Millennium and New Pathways. She also co-authored Business Negotiation: Theory and Practice. She has served as a board member of the national Chinese Language Teachers Association-US and was a founding board member of CLTA’s Southern California regional chapter.

Her research interests include the study of theories and pedagogy in language teaching and acquisition, as well as the development of curricula and instructional materials for college and post-graduate level courses. She is a frequent presenter and keynote speaker at national and international conferences in her areas of expertise.