Obento Deluxe Student Book 4th Edition

Obento Deluxe Student Book 4th Edition


Obento Deluxe is the new, revised edition of the first level, formerly called Obentoo 1.

In this revised edition, sections are uniquely designed to correspond to the variety of dishes one would find in an obentoo (lunchbox). For example, the Teeburu manaa (table manners) section introduces students to important and interesting information about Japanese culture, while Gohan to okazu (rice and side dishes) show how words and sentences fit together and how they are used.

In Obento Deluxe, students will learn everyday greetings, how to ask and respond to questions about where they are from, talk about their hobbies, etc. This level is split into 12 chapters and includes grammar notes, as well as Japanese-English/English-Japanese wordlists.

Obento Deluxe features:

  • A fresh, uncluttered design
  • New expanded grammar sections
  • More listening activities
  • New vibrant manga cartoons in a PowerPoint presentation
  • Free web-based activities



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8.5 x 11
Color illustrations
About the Series

This obentoo (“lunchbox”) offers an exciting, culturally based approach to study of the Japanese language. Students will love the lively and authentic presentation of this colorful and authentic series.

Obento (formerly known as Obentoo) addresses the use of hiragana, katakana, and kanji, is adaptable to a wide variety of course content, and contains a wealth of teacher support material. Obento student books feature colorful, clear, easy-to-use layouts; manga-style cartoons; detailed grammar and vocabulary summaries; and songs, games, and craft activities.

The Teacher Resource Files contain Teacher Notes (also sold separately) that feature presentation and teaching techniques, cassette transcripts, game ideas, masters for cartoons, suggestions for activities based upon the text, and more.

About the Obento Series

Obento is a fully integrated course in three stages, written specifically for secondary students learning Japanese. Obento Deluxe is the revised first level of this highly popular series, followed by the intermediate-level Obento Supreme and the more advanced Obento Senior. The Obento series is based on Australia's National Curriculum Guidelines for Japanese. Fun, engaging and colorful, the series includes Student Books, Workbooks, Audio CDs, Teacher Resources, and an interactive website at