Open for Business Volume 2 Textbook & Exercise Book Set (e-book)

Open for Business Volume 2 Textbook & Exercise Book Set (e-book)

Lessons in Chinese Commerce for the New Millennium
2nd Edition
by Dr. Jane C. M. Kuo

The Open for Business Volume 2 e-book is an identical, digital alternative to the print edition. This subscription is valid for 12 months, starting from the date of purchase. Please note that this title is not available for download and an Internet connection is required to access it.

Open for Business Volume 2 builds upon Volume 1 and shifts focus to macroeconomic topics. The thirteen lessons cover Chinese management practices, foreign trade initiatives, attracting foreign capital investment, environmental protection, the Internet’s role in the Chinese economy, intellectual property rights, and technology transfer.

Each lesson contains a text reading and brief background on a specific topic, followed by a vocabulary list, an explanation of important terms, and a section on the usage of synonyms. The textbook also includes a comprehensive index of vocabulary, grammar terms, and synonyms for easy cross-referencing with the lessons. Exercises for each lesson are found in the back of the book, and offer students a chance to improve their business lexicon, with particular emphasis on sentence structure and reading comprehension. A “Questions and Exploration” section encourages students to perform research online and present relevant topics either orally or in writing for further discussion.

The Volume 2 Answer Key is available to teachers upon request by contacting Customer Support.


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Publication Date: 
Tuesday, January 26, 2021
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Table of Contents

Unit 4: Management

  • 4.1: Business Management in China
  • 4.2: Management of Foreign Enterprises in China

Unit 5: Foreign Trade

  • 5.1: The Current Foreign Trade Situation in China
  • 5.2: Opportunity and Challenge: China's Entry into the World Trade Organization

Unit 6: Pillar Industries

  • 6.1: China's Information Industry
  • 6.2: China's Automotive Industry
  • 6.3: China's Real Estate Industry
  • 6.4: China's Insurance Industry
  • 6.5: China's Medical and Pharmaceutical Markets

Unit 7: Hot Topics

  • 7.1: Environmental Protection in China
  • 7.2: The Internet in China
  • 7.3: Protection of Intellecutal Property Rights in China
  • 7.4: Technology Transfer
About the Series

Designed for students in the third or fourth year of a college-level Chinese language curriculum, Open for Business combines language learning with an introduction to business trends and issues such as macroeconomics, technological innovations, modern management practices, and much more. Upon completion of this one-year course, students will be able to read Chinese-language periodicals and business-related documents, as well as conduct business negotiations and presentations in Chinese.

Volumes 1 and 2 each combine a textbook and exercise book in one volume, together covering a total of 25 lessons structured around topics such as China’s banking reforms, brand consciousness, intellectual property rights, and key industries, including the automotive, insurance, and pharmaceutical sectors. Volume 1 provides a macroeconomic view of recent changes in Chinese policies and business practices, while Volume 2 focuses on China’s microeconomic issues.

With its highly effective combination of contemporary business topics and advanced business Chinese, Open for Business provides a comprehensive reference for gaining a better understanding of the current business climate in China while building the language skills needed to do business there. The series uses both traditional and simplified characters. (Note: Volume 1’s exercise section is in simplified characters only.)

About the Author

Jane C. M. Kuo is the director of the Chinese language program at the University of California, San Diego, and Professor Emeritus at Thunderbird, the Garvin School of International Management. She has taught business Chinese and cross-cultural communications to MBA students and Fortune 500 executives for more than 20 years.

About the Author(s)

Professor Jane C. M. Kuo is the former director of the Chinese language program at the University of California San Diego, and Professor Emeritus of Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University. During her tenure at ASU, she developed a business-focused Chinese language curriculum and directed Thunderbird’s summer program for MBA students in China, as well as winter programs to Taiwan and Singapore. Over the years, she also conducted numerous seminars on business-specific Chinese language and cross-cultural communication skills for Fortune 500 executives.

Dr. Kuo is widely recognized as a pioneer of business Chinese instruction and has authored the best-selling Startup Business Chinese and New Pathways. She also co-authored Business Negotiation: Theory and Practice. She has served as a board member of the national Chinese Language Teachers Association-US and was a founding board member of CLTA’s Southern California regional chapter.

Her research interests include the study of theories and pedagogy in language teaching and acquisition, as well as the development of curricula and instructional materials for college and post-graduate level courses. She is a frequent presenter and keynote speaker at national and international conferences in her areas of expertise.